Second Chance Icons: Duffy

Talent competitions and reality television have become a phenomenon in itself, entertainment-wise, and people have been highly invested in these programs. In regards to the fbb900af16815d37bf56e359f58dffdamusic industry, some of these shows have been beneficial to artists who are looking to boost their recognition and promote their career.

Duffy is a female artist who participated on a singing competition television show in 2003 called Wawffactor in her native Wales. Her performances brought her to the finals and she was gutted along with much of mainstream media when she came second place. She left the show without the big prize but kept her dreams of being a successful singer. She went home to work two part time jobs, one as a waitress and the other in a fishmonger in hopes to earn enough to pay for her music to be recorded and released.

She recorded a three song Welsh EP titled Aimee Duffy in 2004, which gave her visibility and a chance to work as a backup singer for other artists, but she did not achieve success on the charts until 2008 when her debut album Rockferry came out. The mastermind behind that was successful producer and musician (formerly the lead guitarist in Suede) Bernard Butler, who gave her a full education on soul music by downloading songs onto her iPod.

The album, that took four years to make in small, rented studios, was well received by critics and music professionals boosting Duffy’s notoriety in the music industry. Duffy has maintained releasing successful tracks and performing at concerts and festivals worldwide including Coachella and Glastonbury, and although in the last six years she’s been going through a long hiatus she remains a great example of perseverance, passion and expertise as methods for obtaining success as a musician in today’s modern music industry.

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