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Pin on Hardwood Floors and Radiant Heating

Most wood flooring can be installed over radiant heat, providing all of the necessary conditions are met. Successful wood floor installations occur when the radiant heat system design engineer, the radiant heating system installer, the wood flooring installer, and the end-user all communicate and fully understand what is required for the entire flooring system being installed.

There are 4 types of radiant heating systems (steam radiators, hydronic (water), hot water baseboards and low voltage electric). If you are choosing our engineered hardwood floor it is very important that your heating contractor understand the maximum surface temperature of the flooring cannot exceed 25 degrees Celsius.

Tips to Install Hardwood Floors over Radiant Heat. The surface temperature of the sub floor should never exceed 85F. If the surface temperature exceeds 85F, the wood may dry out more than it should and this can cause cracks. Making sure your subfloor moisture readings are on point is of the utmost importance.

1. ⅜-inch-thick hardwood flooring used to cover the old floor. 2. Urethane flooring mastic used to adhere the new hardwood floor to the old floor. 3. Heat transfer plate used to hold PEX tubing against underside of old floor. 4. PEX radiant-heat tubing delivers hot water for heating the floor5. ½-inch screws for fastening transfer plates to underside of old floor

When choosing a system for heated hardwood floors there are a few considerations that will help make the project a success. Selecting wood flooring that will be the most compatible with radiant heating will help ensure many years of comfortable enjoyment of your home.

Engineered flooring - Works well over radiant heat because its unique plywood construction creates greater stability as each wood layer is positioned perpendicular to the other thereby resisting movement from environmental fluctuations (Depending on the selection can be nailed, glued or floated over the subflooring).