New British Artists to Watch Out For

In recent years, Britain has brought about some of the greatest musical successes like Marcus Mumford, Amy Winehouse, Adele and Florence Welch but this upcoming year will introduce some of the most innovative sounds to come out of the UK since the British Invasion. Britain has been at the forefront of the electronic music scene which has hit the worldwide music industry with mass popularity in the last decade.

A new wave of ambient music laced with electronic beats is what the group 2814 is bringing to the music scene from London. They are expected to be successful based on their ability to convey a dreamlike sound. Also from London, Ash Koosha has been a respected part of Iranian rock for a long time exhibiting his abilities in multiple films and the public have awaited his album release for some time now. Make sure to watch out for Fat White Family wh9109809565_e4944f6e0f_bo know how to bring garage punk to the stage and leave the audience in awe with shocking lyrical works.

Fear of Men, from Brighton, have a more contemporary electronic sound with a guitar driven backbone. The artists use controversial lyricism and shocking imagery in their videos to provoke a response from their audience. If you’re a fan of instrumental music you’ll want to check out GoGo Penguin, a trio who are well experienced in the unique craft of avant jazz music. The innovative sound has made listeners into fans minutes into their tracks.

Synthesiser use has been more frequent in all styles of music given the rise of electronic music. Haelos turns this synthesiser pop style into torch/anthem songs that will have you moving to their music in no time. A hit at festivals, you’ll want to check them out!

Get listening to the best new artists coming from the United Kingdom for they have been and forever will be the most legendary hit makers of all time.

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