Want to hear some really heavy beats and catchy tunes? Keep reading to get in touch with the best pop rock that has come out of Britain throughout history. British artists have been making their presence known in the worldwide music industry since the mid-20th century. The most popular pop rock bands having emerged include The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. These bands have set the pace for all of mainstream music in the past century. Abbey Roads studios has been churning out hit after hit and the British have had a way in creating awesome, rocking beats for decades.

As mentioned, you can find a number of these artists as the base inspiration for many of the music made today. British pop rock icons have been topping the charts in every genre but none are more popular than the mainstream rock superstars. These British acts have made a significant impact thanks to their innovative forms of music making and unique style.

Researching the artists presented in the following pages will give you the key elements to get deep about how music has been made in the past century. People often say that every story is derived from Shakespeare and once you started researching him it’s pretty easy to see why that is true. The same goes for British pop rock. Studying these musical nomads who have successfully made their sound a worldwide phenomenon will quickly reveal to you the core inspirations for multiple styles of music.