Award Winning Amy Winehouse

British artists have been making their mark on the mainstream music charts for decades and have been providing the worldwide industry with musicians who produce quality music time and time again. The eclectic vocals and soulful mix oAmy_Winehouse_f5104871f musical genres in her music has made Amy Winehouse one of the most awarded British singer in the 21st century.

The English singer made her mark on the music industry in early 2003 and has become widely known by music fans not only through her songwriting and sultry voice but from being a witness to her personal failures and triumphs, thanks to the media’s constant attention. The rise in technology allows fans to experience their loyalty at an entirely new level where the demand for integration into the lives of their favourite artists has been more frequent than ever before.

Aside from two songs, Amy co-wrote everything on her 2003 debut album “Frank”. The 2004 Brit awards gave her a massive nod by nominating the album “Frank” and Winehouse for best new album. The modern twist that she provided to old soul and jazz, laced with her cool, contralto vocals pushed her up the charts and she soon became a household name, landing platinum level sales for her album.

Following up her success with “Frank”, Winehouse released “Back to Black” in 2006 which landed her an entirely new level of fame in the music industry. The album was awarded five Grammys the following year, which is still the record for any female British artists. The recognition that Winehouse consistently received from professionals in the industry clearly displays her innate ability, talent and skill.

Winehouse passed away from alcohol poisoning after a long and well documented struggle with addiction. The public was well aware of Amy’s demons and fans sent massive support after her passing, skyrocketing the sales of her award winning “Back To Black” album.

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