Adele: Easy to Admire

The music industry has found some its most successful musicians and artists in Britain. Along with many other English superstars, London native Adele Atkins has become a phenomenon on the world’s stage for her musical talentsAdele and emotionally charged vocal performances. She attended arts and music schools her entire life which exposed her to some of the most creative and inspirational environments.

Adele was noticed for her talents immediately by taking advantage of the technological era and the platforms available on the Internet for music promotion. Currently one of the best selling artists of all time, Adele shows no signs of slowing down.

Like many British superstars, Adele has been writing music since she was a child, really. It was shortly after high school graduation, when she published two songs on an arts’ publication website and had then presented her friend with another three song demo. She then placed the CD that was gifted to her on Youtube where Adele’s talent was noticed immediately by Richard Russell, who ran XL recordings.

After a quick meeting, she was signed to the label, that at the time was mostly known for having The White Stripes in its roster, and given the freedom to create her own style of music alongside talented producer Jim Abbiss. Before her album debuted she was already known for having worked with multiple artists and supported them on tracks released by XL records. When it came time for the release of her first album, written at 19 and dubbed with the same name, it debuted at number one due to her preexisting following. She received two Grammy awards for her work on the record, including Best New Artist and Best Female Vocal Pop Performance.

The ballad singing superstar released “21” in early 2011 which earned her six Grammy awards in 2012 and two Brit Awards. In 2015, Adele broke multiple record including first week sales worldwide for “25”. Named among Time magazine’s most influential people in the world, Adele continues to set an example in the everchanging music industry.

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