A Musical Genius: Bernard Butler

British born musicians have been making their presence known in the music industry for years. London native Bernard Joseph Butler is one of the most talented and innovative musicians to ever hit the mainstream music scene. Known as one of the greatest guitarist of his generation, Butler has alsThe_Tears-2005-Roskilde-1o worked as a songwriter and producer and achieved award winning success for the talents who have chosen to associate with him.

He achieved massive fame in 1992 as the frontman of the band Suede, where he cowrote all music with partner Brett Anderson. Known for rocking a cherry red Gibson guitar with a bigsby tail piece, he was a master of collaborative partnership in music. Butler has created musical collaborations with some of the most talented musicians in the industry.

Butler left the band in 1994 to form duo McAlmont & Butler with virtuoso David McAlmont. Following the release of a compilation album from his partnership with Anderson, he recorded two full albums under his own name. His albums “People Move On” and “Friends and Lovers”, which were released through Creation Records, brought him success with multiple singles. He later rejoined with Brett Anderson in 2004 to revive their Suede sound and form a band called The Tears which debut single reached number 9 on the charts.

Butler gained massive recognition as a musical creator in the mainstream industry when the “Rockferry” record that he produced with Duffy went on to win Best Pop Vocal Album Grammy award in 2008. His professional partnership with Duffy fizzled out soon afterwards but the following year at the 2009 Brit Awards Butler was recognised as producer of the year for that breakthrough. His career as a producer skyrocketed and he began working with a number of popular artists, among them Slow Club, Kate Nash, Texas or Ben Watt (of Everything But The Girl fame).

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